The Gritstone Crown of Yorkshire

Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to climb on “The Gritstone Crown of Yorkshire” – Almscliff Crag.

Almscliff is a renowned climbing hotspot situated between Pool and Harrogate with a wide range of climbs graded from Moderate to E7, an ideal location for learning to trad climb.

What is ‘trad’ climbing?

Trad climbing is a way of climbing a previously unclimbed rock face with no access to the top, while still being protected in case you are to fall. This is done by placing pieces of metal into the rock, and clipping the rope to it, so that if you fall the rope catches you as it is attached below you. Trad climbing is considered a much more ‘pure’ form of climbing as opposed to top-roping. 

It was here I climbed the classic 3* fluted columns (HVD), Pinnacle Flake (S) and Pinnacle Direct (S)

Thoroughly enjoying myself on Pinnacle Flake
Hanging off a hand jam placing gear

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